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the useless shit i wear by suzi9mm the useless shit i wear by suzi9mm
umm, something different from me. boring isn't it? i find it important for myself, and i put it in the expressive-section as for me...i dunno, it means something.

i took this on film several weeks ago. i hadn't planned it so i had Fuji 400 in, and as i don't have proper macro equipment (:x (Mad) ) it's, well, as you see... i scanned the print and adjusted the curve a bit, that's all.

Heart there's my barbell, watch, ring, earrings...4 rings and heart. i ditched them after the shoot, the ring and earrings i mean. i had worn the earrings for 8 years. it wasn't a statement of any kind, i had just "grown out" of them... the tiny heart i have on my tooth is not there surprisingly, they don't come in on-off versions Shrug
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37minutestomonday Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007
I like it :D I did a kinda similar picture myself actually: [link]
Foxdemon-chan Featured By Owner May 11, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Hmmm.. interesting... if i would take everything useless off it would be just a ring...or maybe my watch...
and sometimes my rives stuff...
Last-Angel Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2004
I like the band. I love silver b/c it looks so much better than gold, so I like the ring. LALALA!
akyra Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2003
I like this. simple, minimal, yet complex and interesting.

vera cool.
x-horizon Featured By Owner May 26, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
I do not dislike it really.. it has something mysterious about it. But on the other hand I am not a big fan of it either :) (Smile) .... I am just honest, dont blame me ;) (Wink) hihi

myheadphones Featured By Owner May 1, 2003
i like the oldie watch
very classic
repus Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2003
what about your tooth...?
isky Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2003
i love this - there is nothing boring at all about it.
the contrast and grain is prefect!
radiant728 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
No it's not boring...I understand it I think on a subconsciece level.
dottiemaggie Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003
very nice. kind of has an old feeling for me... the graininess i guess.. but i enjoy that :) (Smile) is interesting. jewelry can be such a prt of who someone is. i have 4 bracelets on my left wrist, and one has been there since grade 2 (i'm in university now).. I think I'd feel absolutely lost if i took it off o.O
mocci-lee Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2003
why dont put among all that "useless shit" a wedding ring? it would give a little more meaning to that already great concept.
I dont know i should say these kind of comments or make suggestions, please dont take them wrong, i really admire what i've seen of your work, thats why i dare to say the nonsenses i ussually say
(i have the feeling that my spelling is particular bad today)
superkev Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003  Professional Photographer
What? I haven't commented on this yet? I thought I had. Anyway, I find there's a kind of morbidity to the image, as if looking at what is left of someone after they're gone, like a little pile of personal affects at a morgue. I don't know if that's what you were trying to convey, but that's what I get out of it. Anyway, it's cool.
audy Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
That is one fine watch you have there...I haven't seen anything like that before! I definately know how it is with the jewels and other do almost feel naked when you go out without them all on. When I remove my earrings, necklaces, chokers, chains and things of the like every night, the end up in a pile looking quite similar to this...only my pile doesn't look as pretty! ;]

I love the grain and that it is b&w. I'm curious about how that heart on the tooth works, also...never heard of that before!
john2dope Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
u should do advertisements for those jewler people. I think yours looks alot better then just sticken it on someone with a dark skin tone to make it "pop"
03 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
it makes me think of the little boxes they put peoples posessions in when they go to jail. i love that title.
thelonegunman Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2003
very interesting concept you have here
pantopicon Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2003
I love this composition and the concept that underlies it. The ways in which we mark our bodies is incredibly important, and the "collection" here, that becomes a unique "still life", in a way produces the effects of the body as a series of artifacts --> the body is invisible, but it's "scene" is invoked here, and I love that.
Hardly a boring piece, I find it incredibly evocative.
negativethinking Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2003


jih-e Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
The idea is quite interesting... I think I like.
-deezaster- Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
no boring. expressing yeah. Silver rawks ! very personal thing u share with us. nice shot =) (Smile)
endlessdreamer Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2003
very nice :) (Smile) cool feeling to it ;) (Wink)
pdtnc Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2003
Hmm, well....

not, i must admit, my favourite in your gallery :) (Smile)
ryantcooney Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great pic, but how does the heart-tooth thing work? Confused
redpixl Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003  Professional Interface Designer
i have a barbell in my tongue too! Lick

heartagram Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003
its cool to document stages in your life. I used to have zero gauge eyelets in my extremely painful to get. I took them out and now I realize I have no pictures of them..would have been nice to show my kids what a crazy fuck I once was. oh well I love this. I wish I could see the heart on your tooth, though. sounds cool.
karaya Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003   Interface Designer
Very cool, I think I will join by throwing my damn bra in the pile
sixhours Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003   Photographer
Lovely contrast! I like the way you've put everything together... the smallest things tell stories of their own. Love
getcarter Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003   Photographer
very clean and nice shot - I love the grey tone ballance!
-newvision- Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003
What elso could i say as: I LIKE IT!!!! Perfect composition, great lightning and this little graininess is awesome (imo). As i like still life a lot, this is a great piece of art for me!
rajivmathur Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003

Nice photograph.

I don't wear anything sorta accessories, not even an earing. There was this craze once, to wear an earling in one ear, but it looked really stupid. Maybe you could suggest something that'd look good on me?- there's a photograph of me in my gallery.

Although, I'm nuts about totoo's. Just waiting for my bicep to hit the 15 inch mark ;) (Wink)

nuozek Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003
nice.. love the arrangement, and use of discreet lighting
quaid60 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2003
It's a great arrangement (I especially like the barbel up on the ring) and it really does look like it belongs in a catalog. Very nice.
dunkler-adlig Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Professional Artist
neat!! expressive, and personal! i like it
nikhil Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Professional General Artist
u've got me thinking....
fallingskies Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
u have a heart on yer tooth? ;) (Wink)

cool idea =) (Smile) again! hehe
aural-autumn Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
Lick me please!

looks like it should be in a catalogue. The b & w is amazing here. Later, Tif
aggro Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003   Photographer
I really like this. For some reason it has an effect on me as well. I love how you can just shoot anything and make it beautiful.. +fav
iamnophotographer Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
since when expressing urself is useless Lick ;) (Wink)

nice picture and look a bitch gritchy ( ? ) but it looks great :D (Big Grin) nice to see a submission from u sweetie
wicked-eve Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
i love it.
i like silver over gold too :P (Lick)
at least i think that stuff is silver??
anyhow..nice shot...
marecki Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice photo.
Maybe they aren`t useless :-) (Smile) , they are beauty, don`t you think?
ladymorgana Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Professional Photographer
like the meaning :) (Smile) it reminds me when I go to sleep and take me off almost the same things ;) (Wink)
ph-enix Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
i'm not really sure what to say about this.
but i'm still looking at it, so it must be interesting ...
kyristalfrontier Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003   Photographer
Yeah. I like. Its so kinda poigniant because people do wear things like that day in day out, you even feel bare without them.

I like the graininess, it almost looks like a really good pencil sketch rather than a photo.
sciphex Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
great lighting the jewlery really expresses you nicely
san-tor Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
It is very interesting to see the things other ppl wear.

I wear an ankle lace.
stalemate Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
neat. i like the.. umm.. whiteness
lordjax Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003
Your tooth? Confused
azarath Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
simple is good! i'm a firm believer in that. I like the compostition. :) (Smile)
rivetspoon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh, nice watch. :) (Smile)

Hmm... Perhaps a Macro would have helped this. It looks like you blew up the tiniest portion of your film (I've done that - looks ugly ;_;) (Wink) cuz it's all grainy, but that might be your film and a filter, not sure. Look at me, I talk like I know anything. Roll Eyes
Although perhaps some more contrast near the ring would have helped, too. Anyway. It's still a nice clump of jewelry. :) (Smile) I had no idea you wore a barbell. Giggle
syco Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2003

don't like the shadow in the front ... but like the whole idea and piece. good work.

see ya in berlin ;) (Wink)

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