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dead series 6 by suzi9mm dead series 6 by suzi9mm
the struggle is over

she seems to have been strangled with a phone cord.
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miketakespictures Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009
Perfect composition, diagonal objects are always good in a picture, the cup of coffee on the ground...awesome again! :)
cujos-bite Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
psh theres no blood from a strangling. . . and that bruise is beautiful!!! how'd you do it??? p.s. mmm coffee. ^^
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009   Photographer
no blood is very possible with strangling.
cujos-bite Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
yeah sorry thats what i meant. .. .there is usually no blood from strangling. . um. . .its actualy pretty rare i think. . .sorry i put it an a way that could be misconstrued. . xD
GorgingOnChunks Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2007
Not my favorite one of yours, but deffinantly the most realistic, and life less expression in the eyes adds a morbid feel, although it was very morbid before.
ILoveAllThePoison Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I love these!
They look so...real....
I mean, seriously!
Its just so cool how many emotions I get from your photos and everything. XD
cashbox Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2005
your art realy is verry good i love it loads tis gr8
gambit44 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
Where is blood ??
kittiquin Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2004
... I like the cluttered awkwardness of it... it's very un-composed... so it seems quite genuine.

the effects aren't as good as your more recent works I guess :shrug: but I like it... you should be careful, your more recent works are becoming too clean... less reality.
acrylonithrill Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004   Photographer
hmm... looking back to your previous posts... I find that this is abit weird... The steel bar seems very distracting... In my opinion, I prefer to go without it... hehehe... :XD:
MidnightDeath Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004
-sigh- what a waste of perfectly good tea, or coffee. i really like this series, its so morbidly creative!
virus610 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2003
A nice angle this one was taken at, but as someone else mentioned, the cup being broken might've made this picture a little better, i like the messed up stuff in the background, shows some struggle, or a natural day in my hosue when my siblings start fighting.. XD
shepimp Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2003  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
wow....this is really, really convincing...possibly more convincing than the others, maybe because of the scenery as well, how its all realistic...i love the touch of the coffee cup, and the angle as well
countbloodlust Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003
this isn't like the rest, not so morbid and bloody. i'd have to say i'm fond of the morbid and bloody pics... this is still nice though. you're a genius

i worship you as christians worship god
deathscythe02 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2003
i love how you made it look like there was a struugle before she...well...died =p (Razz)
i love the or what ever it is :D (Big Grin)
oswaldyves Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2002

Cool idey, I see you have a lot of comments.

My comment : Great.
obsidianblade Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
Mmm... morbid...
mirjaT Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2002  Hobbyist Traditional Artist know she tried to fight but it did not ake long till she realized that this was what she'd been waiting for...that she heared the footsteps just pretended she didn't, so she won't call the police , so she won't be saved..but saved is what she is...finally...

subzero Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2002   Photographer
I love your photos
Zlatty Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2002  Professional Photographer
Eeep ... atleast its not a blone who was killed by a cordless phone ...
slarioux Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2002
Its too bad the way of dying is a little unrealistice (phonecord strangling).

But none the less, this is an awesome pic. Truly nice. I wish i could make stuff like that.
stalemate Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2002
greatness as always ;) (Wink)
dukdik Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2002
she died yet??? somebody call 911
greyroom Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2002
I can see where this would be disturbing to some people. A photo (a whole series) that forces us to look deep within ourselves and understand how as an individual we deal with the fact of death and the pain and realism it brings. The subject of death has produced many a shudder from those who fail to see their own mortality. Society has yet to reach a mass understanding of the inevitability of death, and the opportunities death brings about on earth. Yet, we are still fascinated with the strange ways in which we die; we are curious about the whole affair but not to the point where we are willing to go through with it ourselves. We are still susceptible to death at any moment, despite our wishes and our sentiments of fear.

A thought provoking series!
beth004 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2002
That just isn't right. This is the first time I put dislike deviaton... but I'm sorry... thats too twisted for my taste. You need God.
pained-hurt Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2002   Photographer
nicely done! i love this angle
angelaobscura Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2002
i like this one alot, keep up the great work x
shadowmech Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2002
Allways looking forvard to see next of the series.

freaky Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
Can't believe how real this looks, amazing.
alterno Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
disturbing. the neck is just ahhhh... can't look =) (Smile)

great photo!
atila Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
great work... i like how you take care on the details, the makeup on her face, and neck, the things on the floor, her expresion.. everything.

I like your death series.
tap-ioca Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
well, I agree with dougbtn, I think death is sth pretty natural. it's part of life, cause everything has to end, I think we should think more 'positively' about it, so we won't make ourselves too hysterically, because thinking about death as the final end and of no return, no nothing, I mean, what's this life about, if there's nothing after this world? this thought makes me sick, so I won't go further.

well, I wasn't that satisfied with this part of your series till I looked at the full size image.
those choking marks came out pretty well, though I still think another perspective, from the head down would've been better, maybe.
whatever, it definetely is pretty good. like the makeup used for the colourless face and at her eyes.
maybe a broken cup would've looked more brutal.
and hey, got an idea, maybe some kind of selfdefending stuff next to her hand, like pepper spray or a taser or sth, to show that she's been totally helpless, or trying to fight.
I also think it has sth erotic, because of her leg, looks like the murder also raped her, this makes the whole image and atmosphere even scarrier.

good work suzi, though I'm not watching you, I get your work very often to see.
pantopicon Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
This is an incredible series, I love the way you've shot this piece, with the body off center and partially escaping the lens, and the different elements of "evidence", such as the spilt coffee and the imposition of the metal bar which bisects the body. Damn good work, and a very unique and highly interesting re-visioning of the notion of photographing the dead. Have you had an opportunity to look at any of the Victorian and American renaissance daguerrotypes that dealt with mourning and death. The death portrait is endlessly amazing, and fascinating.
dougbtn Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
Police ~seg....... Death, unnatural?!?!? a] believe me, it will happen to us all naturally for definite b] It will happen to loads of people in the way Suzie is showing. Some people will die virgins but everyone will die so death must be more natural than sex.

I know where you are coming from with the comment and we wouldnt want to change your smiley face but death is here, now, all around us. I dont know if Suzie is trying to glorify it or not. Im going to make my own judgement and keep it to myself teehee ;-) (Wink)

Im far more concerned about the first comment on the page that suggests looking out snuff material. Now thats wrong!
seg Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
nice way to put your cosmetics skills to work, i guess.

i wish this series will end soon. i hate to see death. its such an unatural thing...
w00zy Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
yes . i agree that there exists a moment of sensuality that erodes our consciousness. death? her clothing? not sure .. but the moment is amazing.
chesterfield Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
i love the angle and the showing of the leg seems somehow erotic to me. maybe just because i'm a fucking pervert. either way, nice work once again
-newvision- Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
As most ppl here say: Its kinda disturbing, but im somehow attracted to it. Great setup of model. Hope your family will see next spring! ;-) (Wink)
lemut Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
rime scene ... Great idea, very well done Thumbs Up
suprnova Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
suzi, suzi, impresse me to look at the rest of the series....
GREAT WORK...keep it coming...
neosynthetic Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002  Professional Traditional Artist
as with the comment on the closeup of this pair.. i love it.
you do so well
the effect is there, the mind is definetly stirred by these visions..
*looks forward to seeing more!* :) (Smile)
adixion Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
beauty death
DanielRabjerg Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
very cool... it looks like its in a hospital or something..

comatose-rose Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
interesting. i will go look at the rest.
noti0n Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
this is a pretty well planned pic...the lighting is wonderful...and is that a pepsi in the background?
enthr0n3 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
wow i like the position :) (Smile)
xslade Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2002
If you really want to get into this type of art, you should try looking at some real snuff shots. And no I'm not talking about [link].
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