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back room by suzi9mm back room by suzi9mm
this was found in the back room.

i wanted a dirtier look for once, a chaotic composition, etc. as for the photo, i wanted to give the viewer a slightly uncomfortable, worried feeling. i would like this photo to feel disturbing but not in a in-your-face kinda way...just inside, as when u discover something... i don't know if she's dead or alive, still alive, or barely alive...i really have no idea, the answer is in your head.

the spotlight effect is created by a grid in front of the flash and the color is adjusted in photoshop. honest to god i didn't plan the blood spots to be there. i used the same carpet on another shoot yesterday and was planning to photoshop any stains showing in this shot away but then i realized they look good. i guess blood stains always look good to me :blushes: well, fakeblood at least.

no pregnant women were harmed in this shoot... :P she is Leigh, due in 2 weeks.
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CMikeHunt Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2015
The framing here is bold and successful.
BlueMoonyArt Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
reminds me of that scene in i spit on your grave 2 :iconsobplz:
R-a-i-t-o Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012
really? i donīt like this foto, even no pregnant women were harmed in this shoot.
i think that are thing there are borderlines.

theoretical the shoot is good angle etz the scene

but i donīt like the idea of fotos which shows harming pregnats, but the most poeple show hate against such pics.
xaznxchicx Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2011
It reminds me of Jaycee Dugard. I like it.
WillJenny Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2009
just the way I like 'em!
reflexcreative Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
was she raped?
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009   Photographer
i dont know
BlackScarletLove Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
it would be perfect if her ankles were bound.
candysArt Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2007
ooh, this makes me think of a photo you can find on the internet. it's from charles manson's first murder (altough he didn't commit it himself he was the brain behind it) on sharon tate. you see her lying on the floor and she's pregnant. it's an awful picture. but, well, this brings my thoughts to that one.

and while I'm going I can tell you that some of your photos are awsome!!
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007   Photographer
yea i have one like that in my gallery, if youre interested.
furrypriest Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007  Student General Artist
I was shocked for a minute, and then I noticed she was pregnant......instant favorite.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2007   Photographer
Linsey Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2006
Very nice. You certainly did not fail with wanting the viewer to have a worried sort of feeling. I enjoy a more psychological kind of horror rather than the "in your face" bloody type. That's a problem with horror movies quite often, too much blood. This is very realistic and is not trying to hide anything. Wonderful photo.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2006   Photographer
glad u like it
RaRaRachael Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2006
-.- reminds me of rape scene. i def felt the disturbing feelings. overall, not a bad photo. i like this kind of work for you.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2006   Photographer
thank you for the comments, glad u dig this :)
DudeDudely222 Featured By Owner May 27, 2006
This picture conveys the feeling you wanted very well. Good pic.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner May 27, 2006   Photographer
luciwaspretty Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005
Could be a Sharon Tate tribute. She was clothed, though.
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2005   Photographer
she was in her underwear, and there's a 'tribute' to her in my gallery, u'll recognize it.
luciwaspretty Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005
I tought she has a night gown or something on.

I saw that one after this. I went through your gallery latest to earliest. Kind of felt like an ass afterwards.
BleedByYourself Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005   Interface Designer
Disturbing? Hell no, itīs brilliant.
bleedxlikexme Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2005
Reminds me of the whole JonBenet Ramsey case...
Fanghorn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005
Chilling image.

How is it that all your photos manage to make me shudder - but on loads of different levels?
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005   Photographer
angryinch Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2005
What you attempted was well achieved. That feeling inside... it's there.. yeah.
pootienarna Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
she doesnt quite look as if she is in aenough trouble just by this shot
i first looked and though oh no
then it looked closer and it just lacked a certain something maybe a little bit of "grime"
she is far too clean considering she laying on the floor
the idea is good tho and for initial reaction it made me look closer so not bad
CrazyMo Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2005
i like i like!
nicely done
janebond Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2005   Filmographer
i love you for scaring me
blackdelirium Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2004
i love how its so open to interpretation
you can make it into anything you see it as
i love it
its very interesting
i sat here contemplating what i thought it could mean for several minutes
in the end i gave up, but i still love it
WarthogDemon Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2004   Writer
Hmm . . . I would say she's alive but somehow I don't think someone did this too her . . . like she did it herself somehow.

Though it would be pretty hard to tie your hands behind your back. Speaking of which, the string to which she's tied with makes me curious as to what she's tied to. Anyways, an interesting pic.
Talentless-Paradox Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2004
awesome spotlighting effect *takes notes for when he gets adventurous enough to do some amature photography* the blood though accidental works beautifully. This may sound like a completely contradictory concept, but have you ever thought of trying to take more pictures just using 'accidental circumstances?' I guess they need to be more random and hence hard to control, but it's a rather neat concept. I guess the way to go about it would be the find naturally occuring things, things that are already in the shot *like the blood on the carpet for example* so that you don't need to add them. Now that the pointless babbling/explaining portion of the comment is out of the way, the question is, have you ever tried taking pictures like that?
taintedeternity Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
i love your models :) this picture is great ....
GreenMonkeyMakiRoll Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2004
Wow, that's upsetting...i like it. Reminds me of a polaroid.
duke-of-lowend Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2004
i'm not a mysoginist or anything but this picture is very cool. i love images depicting violence. i like how it's dark and kind of leaves it up to your imagination 'cause that has a much better effect than showing it outright in detail and full view.
hudzi Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2004
still disturbing. no matter if you take the fact that you just found something in a backroom that hits into you or if you take the picture as it is. stays thesame and your imagination worked out
Fierce-Desea Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
Fierce-Desea Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004
mclaranium Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2004
Is alive.

The blood drops in the floor aren't too enough to think has a deep leasure, I would think the blood is not from her, is from his kindnaper. the colour in his hands and all his body suggests the kindnaper wants her alive and sane. The underweare is the sign for the kindnaper shows his power and domain of the situation. The position of the legs indicate she was conscient when was left there, a classic reaction of uncomfort, harm or cold.

suzi9mm Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004   Photographer
:clap: @ *mclaranium's comments :nod:


Zlatty Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2004  Professional Photographer
I like this shot
reminds me of those shown by the mafia to a helpless person
you know so that the person can see whats going to happen tho them if they dont pay up
way to go with this one
kinda differnt then your other ones
and thats pretty cool
keep up the good work
stylegraphix Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2004   Photographer
i don't like it really
10-cut-here-01 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
hope you never do this to anyone..hehe....good pic...
neversweet Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
it has this found-feeling :lol: I imagine a couple of policemen, with torches, searching throught he whole house... and suddenly one of them opens the door to the cupboard *GASP* :lol:
Great concept, Jen :D (I'm watching too much TV)
suzi9mm Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004   Photographer
me too (too much TV) ;)

mholzem Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
Really makes me think. Such thought provoking photos should be DDs. :)
xhileno Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004
definiltey disturbing, makes my stomach tighten. but i dunno if they're a good way..

so, it's a very good terrible composition :)
madhatter Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
nice picture but if you had the intention of making it look like the viewer just discovered her, I think you should have added a bit more distance between her and the camera. now it fells like I'm standing on my knees looking over her. Anyway I like the the blood you left there it looks cool and makes the composition a bit more steady and the picture easier to read and the lightning is great ... great light ;)
gatewaytohell Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
i like how its not so obvious whats happened to makes you think...
ANIMAfelis Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004  Professional General Artist
Well, it does get me worried and uncomfortable as to her condition, but i dunno about the chaotic composition...I like the concept though!
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